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Bellingswood empowers medical startups by leveraging its deep expertise in healthcare and life sciences. We provides comprehensive support across multiple critical areas:

  • Business Development

  • Market Potential Analysis

  • Design Validation​

  • Regulatory Strategy Analysis

  • Strategic Partner Identification

  • Market Expansion Guidance​


Bellingswood accelerates healthcare startups' success in a competitive market. Our targeted support helps innovative companies achieve key milestones, secure funding, and maximize value for shareholders.


Pioneering the Future: Our Latest Startup Ventures


Pioneering the Future: Our Latest Startup Ventures

Embark on a journey through our cutting-edge startup projects, where innovation meets impact in the realm of healthcare and technology:


Revolutionary Blood Diagnostics
Unveiling a groundbreaking blood testing device coupled with advanced AI modeling, set to transform medical diagnostics.


Life-Saving Interventional Technologies
Developing state-of-the-art cardiovascular and neuro-interventional devices, pushing the boundaries of minimally invasive treatments.


Next-Generation Therapeutics
Innovating drug combination products and intelligent drug delivery systems, tailored for enhanced efficacy and patient comfort.


Precision Sensing and Analysis
Crafting electronic sensor systems and spectrometers that promise to redefine data collection and analysis across industries.

Join us as we shape the future of health tech, one breakthrough at a time.

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